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65 Annual Conference & Gala Dinner Of The International Ship Suppliers & Services Association In Dubai


Sha Marine Services (Pvt) Ltd. is proud to announce its participation in the 65th Annual Conference & Gala Dinner of the International Ship Suppliers & Services Association, held in Dubai on October 24th and 25th, 2023.

The annual seminar, a premier event in the maritime industry, brought together professionals and experts from across the globe to discuss and explore the latest trends and innovations in ship supply and services. The event provided a unique platform for networking and knowledge sharing, reinforcing Sha Marine’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry.

The 65th Annual Conference & Gala Dinner was a remarkable occasion for Sha Marine Services (Pvt) Ltd. to exchange insights, gain valuable industry knowledge, and build strong connections within the maritime sector. It reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the world of ship supply and services.

Mr. Saeed Al Malik – ISSA president

Mr. Saeed Al Malik – ISSA president

Mr. Saeed Al Malik, unanimously appointed as Chairman of the International Ship Services and Supply Association (ISSA), brings extensive expertise and experience to this leadership role. With a deep understanding of ship services and supply, he is well-equipped to guide ISSA towards its mission and strategic objectives. Committed to member interests and global advancement, Mr. Saeed Al Malik’s appointment reflects both his exceptional qualifications and the trust placed in him by ISSA members. Known for his leadership skills and ability to foster collaboration, he will work closely with stakeholders to address industry challenges. His friendly and approachable demeanor ensures an inclusive leadership style that values input from all. Under his guidance, ISSA will continue promoting excellence, sustainability, and innovation in the maritime sector, leading to growth, collaboration, and positive change. Mr. Saeed Al Malik’s passion and dedication make him a highly capable Chairman, poised to make a significant impact within ISSA.

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